february 2019

now accepting transitional spring

Here at maribel we strive to create a community connection through the recycling of women's clothing and accessories and we want you to join us! 

We are looking for designer casual clothing and accessories, gently worn and of the last 2 years. Currently we are accepting styles for transitional spring and dreaming of flowy blouses, comfy sweaters, bright prints, booties, jeans, light jackets, leather handbags, jewelry and lots of color.

Designers we love – Rag and Bone, Isabel Marant, The Podolls, Tory Burch, Matta, Vince, Inhabit, Erica Tanov, Free People, Equipment, Tucker, Megan Park, Ace & Jig, Louis Vuitton, Frye

– how it works –

We take in consignment every day from 11am to 4pm, no appointment necessary. 

Anything we select and take in will have a 2 month selling period in our shop. Once an item sells you will receive a percentage of the selling price - your choice of either 50% in store trade or 40% in a cash/check. All items are subject to the possibility of markdown after 6 weeks in the shop. As your items sell, money will accrue on your account which you may collect or use as store trade anytime. Trade/money is collectible up to 1 year from your date of consignment. 

At the end of your 2 month selling period, you have the option of either picking up items that have not sold or donating them. We currently support several local charities within the community, including, Misssey and Creative Growth.